Contacts for Swallow Hill Condominiums


Aubrey Sorensen

Community Contact, Market Street Management

(303) 595-8710

Aubrey serves as the Swallow Hill Condominium account manager at Market Street Management. She can help you with questions about HOA docs, dues, and moving.

David Ford

President, HOA Board of Directors

David Ford has served as the Swallow Hill HOA Board president since 2008. He works at the National Trust for Historic Preservation and is an active supporter of local neighborhood initiatives.

Rick Doris

Building Manager, Market Street Management

(303) 595-8710

Rick has been managing both the Swallow Hill Emerson and Clarkson buildings for over 15 years. He is well-versed in the technologies and building systems utilized by Swallow Hill and takes pride in making sure our buildings run efficiently.