About the HOA

The Swallow Hill Condominium Association, Inc. was incorporated in 2002 and is governed by a board that consists of 5 members, each serving 2 year terms. The terms of service are offset so that no more than three board members are up for re-election in any given year. This provides continuity from year to year and helps to ensure unbroken support for the Swallow Hill condominium community.

Current HOA Board Members

  • David Ford, Board President
  • Nick Essner, Board Member
  • Arlin Raedeke, Treasurer
  • Andrea Jones, Board Secretary
  • Jon Weers, Board Member

Design Committee

Special thanks to Swallow Hill design committee for organizing the upcoming redesign of our interior hallways!

  • Nick Essner, Committee Chair
  • Sandy Peletier
  • Sonja Ferdows
  • Deborah Neff